Trend Fashion in 80’s . This website contains fashion style which is rapidly growing in the year 80. Years ’80s was a time where young fashion style is rapidly growing at a time when it was, and now that style are loved by artists rely and teenagers. The Capital City and tights and skinny jeans trend is growing […]

Good day, today I will reviewing an interesting site. The site is here you can fins many kinds of products to make your more fashionable. The products are clothes, bags, heels and so on. Very interesting to make yours  fashionable with this site. This site is up to date with the newest styles.  With […]

Today  I would like to reviewing a fashion site. The site is This site provides many kinds of  hijabs. The hijabs in this site is very interesting with many colors and styles. The hijabs are simple but  very fashionable for you.  Thr simple hijabs make the usres can use it easily without need much […]

I’m comeback again, today I want to reviewing This site provides many kinds of clothes. This is an up to date site. This site always share the photos of the newest products.  Here you can find many kinds of style from simple style to complex style.  The price of the products are cheap. Youn […]

Hello Fashioner’s ! the next site that I want to reviewing is This site provides many kinds of fashionable products. Now, fashion is important to us. With fashion we can show our fashion taste. To make yours interesting in fashion  you can try to visit this site. With visit this site you can choose […]

Good day, . Now, I would like to reviewing a fashion site. The site is  this site focus on Islamic clothes.  Here you can find many kinds of islamic clothes like hijab, carharrt, and so on.  This is a trustworthy site in Indonesia. Many people know about this site, don’t worry to buy the […]

Hello ! I’m here, today I want to review a site about fashion, the site is  In this site you can find many kinds of the shar’i hijabs. Who said if used  the shar’i hijab fashionable? With this site you can many find the  fashionable  of the shar’I hijab. This site also shows  how […]