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Trend Fashion in 80’s

http://informasibusana.blogspot.com/2011/05/trend-gaya-busana-80an.html#.UVPb8oHkifI . This website contains fashion style which is rapidly growing in the year 80. Years ’80s was a time where young fashion style is rapidly growing at a time when it was, and now that style are loved by artists rely and teenagers. The Capital City and tights and skinny jeans trend is growing so fast, just a little bit of courage color in the game you will be back in ’80s fashion, because fashion trends at that time was dominated by the colors of tights, T-shirts and buckle by asking the people who had experienced fashion trends at that time, you will look different in ’80s-style clothing.

written  By : Nanda Dwi Fitri Ruska


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