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Harajuku Male Fashion and Hair Styles . This website is talk about the fashion male harajuku and their hair style. There are many fashion male harajuku, if you like harajuku fashion and harajuku hair style you can choose one of the fashion of harajuku which you like and follow that style :D. Happy reading guys . Written by : Lidya […]

Harajuku Fashion

To make you are not bored with fashion, I want to tell you about Harajuku Fashion in Japan. in this website will explain about the unique fashion of Harajuku, I hope you’ll be interesting, happy reading guys 🙂 Written by : Lidya Ratna Desita

2013 Fashion Nail Trends

I want to tell you about fashion nail art. in this website is show you about fashion nail art in 2013, about color, textures, length shape and techniques . I think this website is interesting, you can choose which nail art do you like. Happy reading guys , hope you like 🙂 Written by […]

2013 Biggest Women Shoes Trend In this website, you can choose shoes trend which you like. This website show you the women shoes trend, so to you all woman you must ready to be confused to choose your shoes which you like to use. Many women shoes trend shown by this website from High heel, booties, platforms, and another […]

Men’s Hair Trends For Spring / Summer 2013

In this website  , will show you about the men’s hair trends for spring / summer in 2013. You can see many men hair style which cool and trendy. In this web not only show you about the men’s hair trend fashion but also the product which can make you hair more neat and […]

Fashion Trends _ Men’s Fashion in 2012

This website is talk and show you about men’s fashion in 2012.There are many style which can you choose to your style especially men. I hope you’ll be interesting with this website and my blog. Happy reading guys. 🙂 Written by : Lidya Ratna Desita

2012 Fashion trends–2012-fashion-trends-6819.html this website is talk about trend fashion in 2012. You can see trend fashion in 2012 from trends of clothes, shoes, hair, and anything. You can choos the style which you like. I think you’ll be interesting. Happy reading guys. 🙂 Written by : Lidya Ratna Desita